1. How To Save Cost And Use Free Gems On Clash Royale

    The free gems in Clash Royale gem hack help users finish achievements and open chests. As such its normal to want to purchase gems to speed things up. The game is modeled after Clash of Clans with different features, and its structure is similar to a lot of other games on the market.

    It's great to speed things up by purchasing gems and rewarding a fun and exciting game. However, it can be rather expensive especially if you're addicted to the game.

    Here are some management tips to help you manage your free gems from the game;

    •             Chest timing

    Be aware of the chest timing. Your chests come in silver gold and super magical; they can take hours and even a day to unlock. Work with this information; save gold for times when you won't play for eight hours, and a super magical if you won't play for 24 hours.

    •             Complimentary cards

    Focus on some strong complimentary cards instead of upgrading everything in your path. If you do not use the goblin spearmen often, let them sit there. Gold is essential in the game as you need it to complete all upgrades even when you have the cards. When you upgrade unnecessarily, you will run out when you require an upgrade.

    Also, you may donate cards to clan members for more gold. Players can also get their first upgrade on a card for just five gold.

    There will be more chests, so don't use up all your resources on speeding up the opening. Instead, use those funds on gold to bring yourself closer to purchasing epic cards. Play cautiously and you will be a savvy player; you may not advance quickly, but you will present a better strategy.

    To avoid this problem of running out of gold, resist the strong urge to spend your free gems to open chests.